Preguntas frecuentes sobre Tuningbot & #8211; Preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes sobre Tuningbot & #8211; Preguntas frecuentes

Hemos tratado de agrupar las preguntas frecuentes de nuestros clientes para proporcionar una consulta simple

everything you need to know to work well, quickly and safely!
thanks for reading, in this way we will save time 馃檪


  • 1 – Cost of services y Como funciona y聽 Payments
    El sitio muestra el costo del archivo de acuerdo con las opciones seleccionadas, solo vaya a https://tuningbot.com y haga clic en los servicios requeridos para ver aparecer el costo
    Aqu铆 puede encontrar un peque帽o video que ilustra la operaci贸n. https://tuningbot.com/how_it_work_demovideo/
    as payments we accept all the cards and paypal too

  • 2 – Payments
    We accept major cards, as mastercard and visa. Paypal supported too.

  • 3 – Website Registration
    驴Necesito registrarme?
    No for normal use of the site, but just聽to purchase equipment and prepaid credits.

  • 4- Opening Time
    You can check them in upper right corner of the website.
    Opening time: Every day from 7 am to 11 pm (GMT+1.)

  • 5- Checksum / the car does not start
    Our files are provided without checksum. In case you need to calculate the checksum, it is available as an additional service. All original tools calculate the checksum automatically. We added support for MDG1 / EDC17 / MED17 / ME17 / eeprom too. Supported checksum family here https://tuningbot.com/our-services/checksum-correction/
    Before purchasing this service, be sure about your tool have the option to disable/bypass checksum calculation.

  • 6- Processing time
    Indicatively the processing times of the files vary on average from 5 to 15 minutes. In the case of special software or congestion on the site, more time may be required. You can check site status looking in the upper right corner in tuningbot.com main page.

  • 7 – Supported tools
    Admitimos todas las herramientas master y las herramientas tuningbot & #8217; s slave

  • 8 – Warranty / Refund / Credit
    Todos nuestros servicios est谩n protegidos por una garant铆a completa de 30 d铆as. Para m谩s informaci贸n, visite el enlace. https://tuningbot.com/user-agreement-for-tuningbot-service/

  • 9 – Probes to disconnect / Procedures
    Para saber qu茅 sondas desconectar y qu茅 procedimientos realizar, puede consultar la p谩gina https://tuningbot.com/our-services/

  • 10 – DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
    Cuando se procesan las diversas partes de la ECU, como dpf / egr / swirl / etc., los DTC relacionados se eliminan autom谩ticamente.聽
    In DTC removal requests, all codes must be supplied at the same time, and not one at a time, except in exceptional conditions. Moreover, the DTC must always be supplied in generic 聽EOBD/KWP2000/ISO15765聽 Pxxxx format and not manufacturer’s specific. Of course Uxxxx – Bxxxx – Cxxxx codes cannot be deleted. Remember DTC cannot solve your problem.

  • 11 – Supported Ecus and Services (dpf/egr/swirl etc..)
    Puedes consultar la p谩gina https://tuningbot.com/our-services/
    Ofrecemos una gama completa de servicios como: Chip profesionaltuning, remape de caja de cambios, eliminaci贸n de dpf, eliminaci贸n de gpf opf ppf, eliminaci贸n de egr, eliminaci贸n de dtc, desactivaci贸n de la monitorizaci贸n del par, eliminaci贸n de azules, eliminaci贸n de remolinos de aletas, eliminaci贸n de acelerador, desactivaci贸n de estrella y parada, eliminaci贸n de maf, eliminaci贸n de gato lambda, eliminaci贸n de l铆mites de velocidad, protecci贸n de obd, correcci贸n de suma de comprobaci贸n, fijaci贸n de arranque en caliente, immo off, calibraci贸n del sensor de aumento, corte duro de palomitas de revoluciones, calibraci贸n de disponibilidad, control de lanzamiento, evap off, desactivaci贸n de aletas de escape y mucho m谩s!
    Si usted no est谩 en la lista, ll谩menos en el chat o env铆e un mensaje a trav茅s del formulario de contacto.

  • 12 – File Support / Customer Support
    Se proporciona soporte exclusivamente via support tickets. The support ticket is automatically generated by the system immediately after sending the file.
    If the email is not received, please check it under spam folder

  • 13 – Dpf Off procedure
    Siga el PROCEDIMIENTO DE APAGADO DPF correcto usando Esta gu铆a聽
  • 14 – Egr Off procedure
    Recuerde cerrar la egr con una placa de metal y leer Esta gu铆a
  • 15 – NECESSARY requirements to work with us:
    & #8211; Herramienta maestra nuestra herramienta NUESTRA slave
    (genuine official tools – use clones bajo su propio riesgo)
    – Diagnostic machine that read codes in eObd – Iso
    & #8211; La disposici贸n a escuchar los consejos de nuestros expertos.
    – A聽good understanding of English or Italian
  • 16 – Cloned tools:
    We do not encourage or support (in no way) the use of cloned tools,
    so use them AT YOUR RISK
    We do not accept messages like “it has always worked so far” or “it worked with a similar file” and so on,聽 because every ecu and every firmware revision is different.




last updated: 04/06/2021