Checksum correction

Checksum correction service

What is checksum? A checksum is a value that is calculated from a block of digital data with the scope of being used in the future to verify if this data has been modified in any way.
So basically if you change any of the maps in your cars ECU the currently saved checksum/s will not be correct and your car in most cases will not start.
If your instrument cannot calculate checksum, you can request this special service

only at TuningBot, Online checksum correction for:

> BOSCH MDG1 / MDG1 eeprom <

> BOSCH EDC17 / MED17 / ME17/ EDC17 eeprom <

> full MARELLI family <


> full DELPHI family<

> full Opel DELCO family <

> full SIEMENS RENAULT family<


other Ecus currently covered by our checksum service :

Checksum “Bosch Edc Plcc”
Checksum “Bosch EDC15 29F400”
Checksum “Bosch Alfa CR”
Checksum “Bosch BMW CR”
Checksum “Bosch PSA hdi”
Checksum “Bosch VW 115cv”
Checksum “Siemens BMW MS41/MS42”
Checksum “Bosch Smart E2”
Checksum “Bosch Fiat E3 jtd”
Checksum “Bosch Merc 1meg”
Checksum “Bosch Mer Gasoline”
Checksum “Volvo V70 F400/F800”
Checksum “Siemens F200/F400”
Checksum “Bosch VAG ME7 F400/F800”
Checksum “Bosch EDC15 29F400V2”
Checksum “Bosch ME 3.2/7.3”
Checksum “Bosch Nissan TDDI”
Checksum “Siemens Merc MS42”
Checksum “Bosch ME2.7/ME2.8”
Checksum “Chrysler F400”
Checksum “Bosch Renault F400”
Checksum “Siemens HDI”
Checksum “Siemens Renault 29F200/29F400”
Checksum “Siemens Volvo T4”
Checksum “Siemens MS43”
Checksum “Siemens Rover”
Checksum “Bosch ME7 Alfa/Hyund”
Checksum “Cherokee CDI”
Checksum “Siemens Ford SIM”
Checksum “Ford TDCi”
Checksum “Bosch bms46”
Checksum “Bosch Smart E3”
Checksum “Bosch Peugeot ME7”
Checksum “Bosch Volvo CR2”
Checksum “Bosch TDI 2002”
Checksum “Bosch VAG ME7 v01”
Checksum “Bosch VAG ME7 v02”
Checksum “Bosch MS 6.1/6.2”
Checksum “Bosch MS 6.3”
Checksum “Siemens Hyundai/Kia”
Checksum “Delphi CR”
Checksum “Kia/Honda CR”
Checksum “Toyota/Opel CR”
Checksum “Bosch VAG V8 TDI”
Checksum “Siemens Ford TDCi”
Checksum “Temic Merc CDI”
Checksum “Delco Opel”
Checksum “Bosch Opel M 1.5.5”
Checksum “Bosch Opel ME 1.5.5”
Checksum “Simtec 90/70”
Checksum “Bosch BMW TDS”
Checksum “Bosch Smart E4”
Checksum “Opel Simtec56”
Checksum “Siemens 2003 F400”
Checksum “Lucas FH12”
Checksum “Bosch EDC16”
Checksum “Bosch Volvo CR2 2003”
Checksum “Bosch Smart CDI E3”
Checksum “Bosch BMW ME7”
Checksum “Bosch Porsche ME 7.8”
Checksum “Siemens Ford TDCi 04”
Checksum “IAW 4AF/59F/5AF Euro2-4”
Checksum “Marrelli 5NF E4”
Checksum “Delphi Ford TDCi”
Checksum “Ford EECV”
Checksum “Siemens Truck F400”
Checksum “Marelli MJD”
Checksum “Marelli 6LP”
Checksum “Siemens mini/rover v5”
Checksum “Siemens BMW MSS5x”
Checksum “Siemens SIM4KLE”
Checksum “Bosch EDC16+”
Checksum “Bosch VAG ME7 v05”
Checksum “Marelli IAW 7xx/MMxx”
Checksum “Bosch Volvo M4.x”
Checksum “Siemens SID Ford/Peugeot/Volvo”
Checksum “Siemens SID Land Rover”
Checksum “Siemens Bmw MS45”
Checksum “Delphi SsangYong”
Checksum “Temic Mercedes Actros”
Checksum “Siemens SID Nissan/Renault”
Checksum “Bosch VAG MED9”
Checksum “Delphi Citroen”
Checksum “Bosch Renault ME7”
Checksum “Siemens Daewoo/Chevrolet”
Checksum “Delphi Euro4 CR”
Checksum “Fiat IAW 4SF/4DF/5SF”
Checksum “Bosch Alfa JTS E4”
Checksum “Bosch PSA M7.4.5”
Checksum “Temic Mercedes Axor”
Checksum “Sagem S2000/S3000”
Checksum “Bosch Fiat ME7.9.x”
Checksum “Bosch Alfa MED7.6.1”
Checksum “Bosch PSA/Toyota M7.9.5”
Checksum “Bosch SMART 2007 ME7.7”
Checksum “Bosch VAG ME7.1.1”
Checksum “Bosch ME7.5.20/30”
Checksum “Visteon DCU”
Checksum “Hitachi”
Checksum “Siemens SIM82”
Checksum “Delphi MT”
Checksum “Siemens VAG Simos”
Checksum “Bosch ME9”
Checksum “Bosch EDC7”
Checksum “Temic DSG”
Checksum “Siemens SDI”
Checksum “TRW EMS2”
Checksum “Denso”
Checksum “Siemens MSD80/MSV80”
Checksum “Phoenix John Deere”
Checksum “Delphi Trucks”
Checksum “Ford EECVI”
Checksum “Motorola EMS/EDC S6”
Checksum “Siemens SIMTEC75/76”
Checksum “Siemens EMS200”
Checksum “Bosch PSG16”
Checksum “Bosch TDI v2”
Checksum “EFI Lotus”
Checksum “Siemens PPD”
Checksum “Delphi DCM3.x”
Checksum “Bosch M3.X”
Checksum “Bosch Opel ME7.6.x/ME7.9.x”
Checksum “16/8Bits based”
Checksum “16 Bit”
Checksum “8 Bit”


Checksum “Bosch MDG1”

Checksum “Bosch MED17”
Checksum “Bosch ME17”
Checksum “Bosch EDC17”

Checksum “Marelli MM10GF”
Checksum “Marelli MM9GF ”
Checksum “Marelli MM9GC”
Checksum “Marelli MJ9DF”
Checksum “Marelli MM8GML”
Checksum “Marelli MM8GMK ”
Checksum “Marelli MM8GMF”
Checksum “Marelli MM7GV ”
Checksum “Marelli IAW7”
Checksum “Marelli IAW6KPI”
Checksum “Marelli MJD6F3”
Checksum “Marelli MJD602 “

Checksum “Siemens SID208 ”
Checksum “Siemens SID209”
Checksum “Siemens SID210”
Checksum “Siemens SID211”
Checksum “Siemens SID212”
Checksum “Siemens SID305”
Checksum “Siemens SID306”
Checksum “Siemens SID310 ”
Checksum “Siemens SID603 ”
Checksum “Siemens SID801 ”
Checksum “Siemens SID803”
Checksum “Siemens SID803a”
Checksum “Siemens SID804”
Checksum “Siemens SID806”
Checksum “Siemens SID807”
Checksum “Siemens SID807evo”

Checksum “Siemens PCR2.1 ”
Checksum “Siemens EMS2xxx family”
Checksum “Siemens EMS3xxx  family”
Checksum “Siemens SIM2K- family”
Checksum “Simos8”
Checksum “Simos10”
Checksum “Simos12”
Checksum “Simos16”
Checksum “Simos18”

          Checksum “Siemens MSD family”

Checksum “Siemens SDI3”
Checksum “Siemens SDI4”
Checksum “Siemens SDI6”
Checksum “Siemens SDI7”
Checksum “Siemens SDI8”
Checksum “Siemens SDI9”
Checksum “Siemens SDI10”
Checksum “Siemens SDI21”

Full Delphi MTxx family, including:

Checksum “MT92”
Checksum “MT86”
Checksum “MT80.1”
Checksum “MT80”
Checksum “MT62.1”
Checksum “MT60”
Checksum “MT34”
Checksum “MT38”
Checksum “MT22”
Checksum “MT20x”
Checksum “DCM6.2”
Checksum “DCM6.x”





*** This list could not be updated because we add new ECUs every day. If interested in unlisted Ecu, chat or write to our support.