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Tuning file for original parts
(cars, motorbikes)
Tuning file for modification inlet/outlet
(like: intercooler, sportcat)
Tuning file for modification compressor-ratio
(like: bigger turbo)
Agri, Truck & Boat tuning files
Eco tuning – Fuelsave files
Adblue off
(with the related DTCs)
Conversion to higher hp stock file  Ex: 316d to 318d)DPF off
(with the related DTCs)EGR off
(with the related DTCs) 
Exhaust flap control
(with the related DTCs)
NOX off
(with the related DTCs)
Throttle response
too slow or too agressive reaction (also in case of parking)
Startproblems on diesel
Vmax speedlimit on/off
Combined files
(example: chiptuning files including Egr off)
(combined files get discount)
Race-rally-dragstrip competition modifications
(anti-lag, launchcontrol, hardcut-, softcut-limiters, turbo boost at start by delayed ignition, rich lambda for engine cooling, etc.)RPM Nmax limit DSG fart – Shiftboom
Rescaling MAF/MAP

Readiness Calibration

DTC off
(only selective DTC off)

Gearbox tuning
(shiftpoints, shiftspeed, torquelimits, rpmlimits, leftfootbraking, free manual shifting, launchcontrol activation, clutch clamping pressure, dsg fart, shiftboom, sportmode mod)

Cold start off

Catalyst heating off

Catalyst off – O2 lambda

Pop & bang – Revlimit

Launchcontrol on/off

Immo off

Damos A2L
(big database available)

Special requests