Tuningbot FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

we have tried to group the frequent questions of our customers in order to provide a simple consultation


  • Cost of services and How It Work
    The cost of the file is displayed by the site according to the selected options just go to https://tuningbot.com and click on the required services to see the cost appear
    Here you can find a small video that illustrates the operation https://tuningbot.com/en/how_it_work_demovideo/

  • File upload problem/error
    Submitted file must be .ZIP or .RAR as specified

  • Website Registration
    Do I need to register?
    No for normal use of the site. You need to register only to purchase of equipment and prepaid credits.

  • Opening Time
    You can check them in upper right corner of the website. Regular opening time: Every day from 7 am to 11 pm GMT+1.

  • Checksum / the car does not start
    Our files are provided without checksum. In case you need to calculate the checksum, it is available as an additional service. All original tools calculate the checksum automatically. We added support for EDC17 / MED17 / ME17 / eeprom too. Supported checksum family here https://tuningbot.com/en/our-services/checksum-correction/

  • Processing time
    Indicatively the processing times of the files vary on average from 5 to 15 minutes. In the case of special software or congestion on the site, more time may be required. You can check site status looking in the upper right corner

  • Supported tools
    We support all the master tools and tuningbot’s slave tools

  • Warranty / Refund / Credit
    All our services are protected by a full 30-day warranty. For more information, please visit the link https://tuningbot.com/en/user-agreement-for-tuningbot-service/

  • Probes to disconnect / Procedures
    To know which probes to disconnect and which procedures to perform, you can refer to the page https://tuningbot.com/en/our-services/

  • DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
    When processed the various parts of the ECU like dpf/egr/swirl/etc, related DTC are removed automatically. 
    In DTC removal requests, all codes must be supplied at the same time, and not one at a time, except in exceptional conditions. Moreover, the DTC must always be supplied in generic  EOBD/KWP2000/ISO15765  Pxxxx format and not manufacturer’s specific. Of course Uxxxx – Bxxxx – Cxxxx codes cannot be deleted.

  • Supported Ecus and Services (dpf/egr/swirl etc..)
    You can refer to the page https://tuningbot.com/en/our-services/
    We offer full range of service as: Professional chiptuning, gearbox remap, dpf removal, gpf opf ppf removal, egr removal, dtc removal, torque monitoring disable, adblue removal, flap swirl removal, throttle removal, star and stop disable, maf removal, lambda cat removal, speed limits removal, obd protection, checksum correction, hotstart fix, immo off, boost sensor calibration, revlimit popcorn hardcut, readiness calibration, launch control, evap off, exhaust flap off and many more!
    If you ecu not listed, call us in chat or send a message via contact form.

  • File Support
    Support is provided exclusively via support tickets. The support ticket is automatically generated by the system immediately after sending the file. If the email is not received, please check it under spam folder

  • Dpf Off procedure
    Please follow correct DPF OFF PROCEDURE using THIS GUIDE 
  • Egr Off procedure
    Remember to close egr with metal plate and read THIS GUIDE
  • Necessary equipment to work with us
    – Master tool our OUR slave tool
    (We recommend official tools – use clones at your own risk)
    – Diagnostic machine that read codes in eObd
    – The willingness to listen to the advice of our experts