Tuningbot allow the end user to get the maximum performance out of modern electronic controlled engines such as cars, truck, bikes, boats, any engine that are controlled via a ECU.

The available services allow customers to perform many unique modifications such as PROFESSIONAL ChiptuningDPF removal, GPF OPF PPF removal, DTC removal, AdBlue removal, Flaps removal, MAF removal, EGR removal, Lambda removal, Speed Limiter removal, RevLimiter, Pop & Bang, Boost sensor calibration, Immo off, checksum and much more making the job that was previously very hard in one single task.

Tuningbot is created by tuners for tuners available online at very competitive price

list of the most requested services:

Professional ChipTuning DSG ECU Remap DPF Removal GPF OPF PPF  Removal EGR Removal
DTC Removal Torque Monitoring Disable ADBlue Removal Flaps / Swirl Removal TVA Removal
StartStop Disable MAF Removal Lambda/O2 Removal Speed Limiter Removal OBD Reading protection
Checksum correction Hotstart Fix IMMO OFF  IMMO OFF EDC17 Boost sensor calibration
Revlimit / Popcorn Readiness calibration launch controlLaunch Control EVAP evaporative exhaust flapEXHAUST FLAP
sport displaySport Display Calibration cold start noiseCold Start Noise  back to oriBack to ORIGINAL

***  If interested in unlisted Service, chat or write to support.